About the Band

Oliver Smith

Vocals, lead guitar, eye rolling puns. Oliver has an M.S. in Music Education from Buffalo State, and has been playing guitar for Rock, Jazz, Pit Orchestra, Classical, and Wedding groups since 2001. 

Rachel Schwarz

Vocals, keyboard, begrudging rapper. Rachel has over 20 years of gigging experience, but still can't snap her fingers. It keeps her humble. Her influences range from contemporary Christian to Country to Hip Hop, which creates confusion with her houseguests. 

Parker Stone

Acoustic guitar, possibly two people in a trenchcoat. Parker is the second fastest swimmer in the band until proven otherwise, and either has high moral fiber or can't eat fiber. One of those.

Kurt Schwarz

Bass guitar, side commentary. Kurt is a native son of Fairport, NY, and a frequent pontoon captain on the Erie Canal. He is easy to spot in a crowd, as he rocks the best sunglasses in the 585 (an area notorious for months without sunlight). 

Mike Witkiewitz

Drums, occasional vocals, and brings the most roadies to gigs. Mike likes big boats and he cannot lie, is a purveyor of fine goods and antiquities.